Be prepared to confront the next generation of risks.

80% of security leaders admit that their business wouldn't survive a cyberattack.

CyVig’s security solution provides Edge to Endpoint Protection.

Never stop improving your security posture.

CyVig continuously assesses the effectiveness of your security program to help you proactively build a more secure organization.

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24/7/365 Network and Security Monitoring

Reduce response times and improve security outcomes with dedicated experts monitoring your environment and investigating threats.

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XDR Endpoint Protection, Detection, and Response

Dedicated and experienced analysts unify endpoint protection with detection and response across network, endpoint, and cloud assets.

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Automated Network Intrusion Prevention

Examine traffic flows at the network edge to detect and automatically block traffic from malicious sources.

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Alert, Event, and Incident Management

CyVig's forensic analysts investigate threats with speed and precision, defining an attack’s root cause, scope, and trajectory for targeted response.

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Next-Gen Firewall with Machine Learning

Machine learning is embedded directly in the core of the firewall to provide real-time IoT device identification and inline, signatureless attack prevention.

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Unified Threat Management

CyVig centralizes the data collected across your entire environment to gain real-time visibility into activity that may introduce risk to the organization.

Accelerate the maturity of your security operations.

CyVig aligns your business requirements, risk tolerance, and organizational resources to build a mature threat and vulnerability management program.

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Solidify Operational Excellence

CyVig consistently delivers the outcomes needed most by doing the right things in the right way with the right resources at the right time.

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Achieve Cyber Resilience

Employ a cybersecurity strategy lifecycle that continually monitors and responds to ever-changing business, regulatory, operational, and threat factors.

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Adapt and Enable Business Growth

Execute on new requirements with additional resources, leverage process controls, and tune security architecture to produce the desired business outcomes.

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Overcome the endless search for cybersecurity talent.

Don't spend your valuable time trying to find top-tier talent. CyVig provides 24/7 services designed to reduce the number of operational security personnel an enterprise needs to hire, train and retain to maintain an acceptable security posture.

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Partner-led Security Program

Access elite cybersecurity talent that would otherwise be difficult to bring in-house.

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Bridge the Cyber-Talent Skills Gap

Keep pace with a dynamic threat environment through a partner that continually invests in security expertise, intelligence, and technologies.

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Migrate Risk Management Outside the Organization

Take the burden of threat detection and triage off your hands and refocus IT teams on revenue-generating activity.

See where your company falls on the cybersecurity maturity model.

Breathe new life into your security program.

It's like hitting the ultimate reset button.
From vision to execution and beyond, CyVig drives your security strategy with energy, effort, and enthusiasm.

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  • ML-powered Firewall
  • Industry-first Extended Detection and Response
  • Next-gen Security Information and Event Management
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  • Establish current maturity baseline and define target state
  • Define security controls and policy framework
  • Rebuild and recalibrate to start on solid ground
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  • Deploy CyVig Solution Stack with best practices applied
  • Practice and perfect advanced monitoring, reporting and response
  • Track metrics and seek feedback to assess and improve effectiveness
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  • Sharpen initiatives and quickly accommodate new circumstances
  • Implement a risk management continuum vs. point-in-time assessments
  • Adapt and innovate faster than your adversaries
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