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June 30, 2022
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Cybersecurity Discovery – the CEO’s Perspective

CyVig co-founder Jeff Emmons talks about the hard lessons of his cybersecurity discovery process and how more businesses can adjust their IT security programs to avoid falling victim to cyberattacks.

For CyVig CEO Jeff Emmons, the cybersecurity discovery process was difficult to bear. He was disappointed and frustrated by much of what he learned.  

As Emmons explains in this video, having an unabashed critique of his IT security program was essential to allowing Immedia -- the integrated workplace technology company he founded nearly 20 years ago -- to identify potential security vulnerabilities and better meet the evolving needs of clients, all of whom face the challenge of securing far more network-connected devices in today's hybrid workplace.  

Emmons co-founded CyVig with the focus of establishing a company that could help businesses of all sizes to continuously assess the effectiveness of their corporate security programs and proactively protect against emerging cyberthreats. He and CyVig co-founder and Chief Information Technology Officer Chris Riley wanted to provide more businesses with a partner capable of preventing disconnect between in-house corporate IT security teams and cybersecurity partners, such as managed security service providers (MSSPs).  

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CyVig Experts on Panel at Scottsdale Cybersecurity Workshop

In the video, Emmons talks about the common security vulnerabilities with corporate network, firewall, password, and other IT issues, that can leave any business open to attack.  

“The discovery process was one of the most painful things I've gone through as a business owner,” Emmons said. “Because when you think that you've got it under control and you start to peel back the layers and realize that at every layer there's less and less foundation than you thought there was before --that's when you put yourself into the position of realizing, I need to do something about this and I need to do it really fast."

Nearly all business owners can relate, no matter how secure they appear to be on the surface.

Emmons and Riley addressed cybersecurity trends as part of an expert panel for the first-ever Accelerent Cybersecurity Workshop, “Protecting Your Business Assets from Malware, Ransomware, and Other Cyber Threats,” on June 23. The networking event drew business leaders from Scottsdale and around the Valley and also featured cyber subject matter experts from the Tempe-based Cosant cybersecurity firm.

CyVig offers Edge to Endpoint Protection, giving IT security teams a constant ally in monitoring the entire attack surface and to correlate events through a balanced approach of machine learning and human analysis. A Scottsdale-based, 24/7/365 Security Operations Center (SOC) team identifies indicators of compromise, makes guided remediation recommendations, and enables companies to mitigate the chance for business interruptions due to a security incident.

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