CyVig's rigorous security program exceeds the needs of organizations across every industry while protecting their people, devices, and data across the enterprise.

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Protect Vital Medical Technology

Gain proper visibility and tighten control of connected medical and IoT devices that may impact patient safety.

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Effectively Demonstrate Compliance

Comply with relevant regulations, such as HIPAA, HITECH, PIPEDA, and GDPR, as well as industry-specific standards, such as PCI DSS and HIMSS maturity and adoption models.

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Secure the Future of Patient Data

Consistently enforce data security policies to secure the remote workforce and protect telemedicine patient privacy.

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Ensure Business Continuity

Protect vital operational networks from compromise, unwanted downtime or service interruption caused by a breach or data leakage.

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Comply with Industry Regulations

Comply with relevant regional or national financial regulatory bodies, such as the Federal Reserve Bank, OCC, FCA, EBA, HKMA and MAS, as well as industry-specific standards, such as PCI DSS, SWIFT and FINRA.

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Protect Confidential Customer Data

Safeguard customer identities, assets, and account credentials while maintaining fast, personalized, and frictionless service.

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Reduce Risk in Real-Time

Through machine learning and scenario-based analytics, CyVig combats emerging threats as they occur.

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Keep Legal Data Secure

CyVig secures North-South traffic to and from your data center, East-West traffic flowing within your organization, and traffic flowing to and from the public cloud.

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Protect Against Insider Threats

With User Behavior Analytics, CyVig monitors and responds to unusual activity with higher accuracy to identify suspicious events.

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Uphold Availability of Operations

Block threats that have the power to bring manufacturing operations to a standstill or put human safety at risk.

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Eliminate Blind Spots Across IT and OT

CyVig collects data from physical, virtual, and cloud sources to catch every indicator of compromise.

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Protect Intellectual Property

Stop credential theft and keep track of IP by detecting and reacting to behavioral anomalies.

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Identify and Regulate Potentially Risky Traffic

Build and enforce security policies around users, applications, and content to prevent data leakage and the spread of malicious payloads.

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Keep Students Safe from Inappropriate Material

Block entire URL categories or implement granular web content filtering rules that vary by user group.

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Address Government & Industry Regulations

Prepare for CIPA, PIPEDA, and GDPR compliance through granular web filtering, consistent security policy administration, and the protection of personal information.

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Meet and Exceed Regulatory Obligations

Implement the proper tools, systems, controls and processes required of the NERC CIP standard.

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Mitigate Risk of Security-Related Service Outages

Prevent advanced threats from affecting availability, performance or uptime in legacy OT endpoints and networks.

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Adapt to New Attack Vectors

Effectively secure critical infrastructure, such as grid-transmission data networks and IIoT architectures.

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